Culmen Et Fons 2017:

On Liturgical Formation

18-22 September 2017, St Adelaide’s Church, West Peabody, MA

Recognizing the critical need of enhanced liturgical and spiritual formation for both clergy and lay faithful, the organizers, presenters, hosts, sponsors, and delegates of the September 2017 Conference On Liturgical Formation seek to address precisely such a fundamental requirement for the vitality and vigor of the Church. The scope and the topics of the conference correspond precisely to the needs set out with characteristic clarity by Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in his 2016 London Address and in his remarks made in June 2017 at the Sacra Liturgia conference in Milan, Italy.

The principal speaker, Dom Alcuin Reid, will present papers on such topics as “The Spirit and Power of the Liturgy,” “The Liturgical Life of the Priest, the Liturgical Formation of the Laity,” and “Ongoing Liturgical Formation.” Father Thomas Kocik, a priest of Fall River, Massachusetts and author of The Reform of the Reform, will discuss “The Mutual Enrichment of the Two Forms of the Roman Rite.” Father Marco Testa, a priest of Toronto, Canada, will treat “The Elevation of Parish Liturgy through Plainchant and Sacred Polyphony.” Fr Neil J. Roy will address the means by which priests can form and prepare themselves for offering Mass according to the usus antiquior.

The conference, moreover, will help participants who are in holy orders the better “to interiorize the mystery of faith that is being celebrated” in both uses of the Roman-rite Mass and to enhance their own ars celebrandi of the Mass according to both usages “by emphasizing the best features that characterize them.”

The September conference on Liturgical Formation seeks not only to inform priests and liturgical musicians about the riches of the sacred liturgy, but to expose them likewise to its spirit and power by presenting beautiful celebrations of Holy Mass carried out with reverence and dignity, according to the classical Roman Rite in the following instances: the Missa cantata, the Missa solemnis, and the Solemn Pontifical Mass. Participants will pray likewise the Divine Office in common, thereby enriching their liturgical formation through the chanting of the Psalms and the Hymns of the Roman Rite.

Priests, deacons, seminarians, religious, masters of ceremonies, liturgical musicians and singers, and other members of the laity all stand to benefit immensely from the theological elucidations of the Sacred Mysteries offered in this conference on liturgical formation. The high standard of liturgical celebration accompanied by eminently accomplished musicians will nourish and edify all those devoted to the sacred liturgy, “the summit (culmen) toward which the activity of the Church is directed [and] … the fount (fons) from which all her power flows” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Sacrosanctum concilium [4 December 1963],10). Registration opens 1 July 2017.